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Terms & Conditions

Descriptions: Descriptions of goods and services on our website are accurate to the best of our knowledge. We reserve the right to change materials and prices without prior notice. Our best efforts are made to reproduce pictures however, due to the bespoke nature of our services; there may be some variation to the size. Quality of the final product may depend on the file size we receive. We suggest that the file you send is of the best quality your equipment will allow (minimum 500kb). Our canvas is a 100% cotton product and as such may, sometimes, appear to show an uneven or irregular texture on the weave. This is not a flaw but a characteristic of a natural fabric. We also use wood, metal and plastic products which give a vibrant enamel look to our products and your pictures.

Cropping: Unless you contact us and request to have a proof emailed, we will automatically crop a rectangle image to a square one (for orders on square canvases) to the best that we feel justifies your image.

Marks, Blemishes and Red Eye: We are more than happy to remove any of the above but an email request must be made to at the time of ordering as we cannot visually scan every image for marks and blemishes. Unfortunately, some smaller imperfections can only be spotted when the image has already been printed and enlarged.

Vector Art and Galleries: Colours and appearance of images may vary from their appearance on screen. Images and designs on VIP Company website are the property of VIP Company and cannot be copied, reproduced, modified or distributed without consent.

Copyright: By sending us your image you are automatically acknowledging that you are the copywright owner of the image.

Satisfaction: Please check your product/purchase immediately upon receipt. For any questions concerning your order – please call us or email within 7 days of delivery. Any errors on delivery or damaged goods must be notified to VIP Company within 7 days of receipt.

Delivery: We use a courier on an express 24hour service. Once a parcel has left us they should deliver the next working day but due to adverse weather conditions that the UK has been experiencing we may be unable to deliver some parcels on time as the roads are too dangerous. Please note that we cannot refund postage if your parcel is not delivered in the 3-5 working days as stated as we cannot be responsible for the disruption to this service.

Returns: Due to the bespoke nature of our product, we respectfully ask all of our customers to choose their images carefully as bespoke products cannot be returned.